To all agtech companies in our community,

Collaboration, mutual aid and creativity are currently taking on a deep meaning among entrepreneurs in all sectors of activity.

Following this crisis, it will be more than ever about local agriculture, food security, bioproducts and innovative technologies to support businesses and the agricultural sector. Agtech and bioproduct companies will need to be ready to support the industry in their adaptation and the Agtech Zone is looking more than ever to be present and creative to support its members.

We have been co-thinking for some time about the idea of ​​a private group of the “MasterMind” type for the Agtech Community, in order to encourage collaboration, mutual aid and co-creation. Here is that this crisis makes us anticipate this project so that we can exchange all together, create, help each other and break isolation!

We will also share studies on the potential impacts of Covid-19 on the agricultural, agtech and plant bioproducts sector, as well as strategies to adapt to it.

Agtech Community members, please join us here ->

To open this group to as many startups as possible (companies less than two years old), we made a special price to become a member of the Agtech Community. So, for non-members, subscribe here using the PROMO code ->

See you soon on the MasterMind Agtech group!

N.B. Note that at all times, advisers from the Agtech Zone are on hand to help companies that are suffering from the aftermath of the Covid-19. Contact us without hesitation for advice and discuss the solutions available to navigate the crisis: or 450 654-6488.