Accelerate Your Growth | Discover the Benefits of Investing in Zone Agtech

In the Zone Agtech, we offer the ideal space for businesses looking to be pioneers in the agricultural and agri-food ecosystem of tomorrow.

Technology Park

Every ecosystem needs a place to call home. Our high-tech R&D park is made up of workspaces, industrial condos and lands, R&D laboratories, and various professional testing sites that work in cooperation with local farmers and users. This is where academia, industry, and technology connect and come together.


Private and venture capital funds generate a leverage effect of 9 or 10 times the injected amount, but they remain difficult to obtain for many companies. Our innovation zone facilitates access to over 10 Canadian and international agtech specialized funds and partner organizations that work with you to optimize your business model, financial structure, and access to financing.

Research and Technology Transfer

Centers Scientific and technological development is accelerating in the Zone Agtech with the presence of research centers and pioneering universities in agriculture and environmental technologies. Supported by a local team specializing in innovation project financing, your company will have significantly improved access to knowledge and highly qualified personnel.


We attract and train talent so that your company has access to an interesting pool of labor. Our internship, recruitment, and training programs tailored to your company and the demographic growth in our region will support your development.

Corporate Innovation

We foster collaboration between industry, high-tech companies, entrepreneurs, and technology centers in the innovation zone. These connections are essential to bring technology innovation to life and accelerate it, and provide access to early adopters, qualified personnel, financing, and a network of knowledge and business to accelerate your development.

Market Access

Operating in an innovation zone attracts attention to the nursery of innovations that are found there, and attracts many delegations of provincial and international buyers and structural players. Progress in agtech and plant-based bioproducts is advancing rapidly. By having access to a renewed pool of customers that we find for you, you will gain an advantage over your competitors.

SMEs and Large Enterprises

Large companies operating in the Zone Agtech benefit from access to the industry’s most recent customers and innovations and a strategic knowledge pool to maintain a significant competitive advantage in the industry. Thanks to our international networks and corridors, our surveillance processes, and our experts connect you with the best practices, innovations, and structural players worldwide.

Flexible and Varied Spaces

  • For rent or purchase
  • Adaptable and modular spaces
  • Quick availability

To learn more about our services and spaces, do not hesitate to contact our team at the following email address:

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