Agriculture 4.0 – The Noovelia Group, leader in autonomous and automated solutions, joins Zone Agtech as official partner

L’Assomption RCM, June 22th 2021 – Issu Resulting from a merger between Divel, Epsilia and Pluritag, Noovelia, Canadian leader in autonomous and automated solutions, joins Zone Agtech as an official partner to support the agricultural industry, agtech and plant bioproducts in their 4.0 development.

As the agricultural sector is currently in full transition, the Zone Agtech and Noovelia are joining their two missions in a partnership that will promote the growth of 4.0 in the agriculture sector. Thanks to this partnership, Noovelia will also offer its expertise to companies that develop innovative agricultural technologies (agtech), whether they are associated with the production, packaging, processing or distribution of fruits, vegetables and other bio-food products.

« Noovelia is a pioneer in digitization and intelligent management of agrifood production and warehouses in Quebec. They started their operations in 1983, long before 4.0 and artificial intelligence became a big trend. The expertise they have developed is one of the most advanced in Quebec and is now accessible to all members of the Zone Agtech who develop innovative agricultural and agrifood technologies. This partnership will significantly accelerate the development phase of technologies and, consequently, their marketing to the market, » underlines Marilou Cyr, director of the Zone Agtech.

« Our mission at Noovelia is to allow entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec to access Industry 4.0, which is the heart of our solutions, says David Arseneault, business development leader at Noovelia. Noovelia’s expertise is to provide businesses with a range of scalable and strategic technologies to help our clients achieve the results they seek. »

About the Zone Agtech

The first of its kind in Canada, the Zone Agtech is an innovation zone dedicated to the creation of innovative technologies and solutions that will be the basis of the agriculture of tomorrow : agriculture that will produce more nutritious food while using less of land, water, chemicals and energy, and which will use agro-food residues as inputs to the production of value-added bioproducts. The members and partners of the Zone Agtech all support, accelerate and participate in the creation of this agriculture that is more efficient and resilient to change. The ecosystem put in place benefits all stakeholders in Quebec – innovators, large companies, scientists, farmers, distributors, citizens and future generations – who will find in the Zone Agtech an inclusive place that focuses Quebec’s economic development towards a clean and relevant industry with the future.

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About Noovelia

With more than 20 years of agrifood expertise, Noovelia propels companies by offering clean, innovative and interconnected solutions. Traceability-based productions management software and specialized modules designed for the food industry, autonomous industrial vehicles (AGVs) and automated warehousing systems.

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