Agtech ecosystem : the Zone Agtech, Bioenterprise and the Ecofuel Accelerator join forces for the development of the industry of innovative agricultural technologies

New important milestones for the agtech ecosystem in Quebec: the Zone Agtech announces a three-year partnership with Bioenterprise Corporation, Canada’s Food & Agri-tech Engine, as well as with the Ecofuel Accelerator, a renowned and specialized business accelerator in the clean technology industry in Quebec. With an investment of $ 570,000 over three years, this collaboration will be used to support the mission of the Zone Agtech and to catalyze the development of innovative agricultural technologies in Quebec. Specifically, the partnership will serve to:

  • Create the first agtech accelerator in Quebec;
  • Support a co-development approach for agtech solutions with the agricultural community;
  • Structure an applied approach to networking the needs of industry, its representatives and agtech companies in Quebec.

“Quebec has the potential to stand out in the innovative agricultural technology industry,” assures Sébastien Nadeau, mayor of L’Assomption and bearer of the Zone Agtech vision on the Council of Mayors of the L’Assomption RCM. “By bringing together the ecosystem of innovative agricultural technologies in this way, the Zone Agtech is creating the conditions for success for our technologies to stand out here and internationally. This funding will strengthen the position of the Zone Agtech by hiring two new resources and setting up the first Quebec acceleration program specializing in the agtech industry. This is great news for the innovation zone and the industry”.

Since its launch by the L’Assomption RCM in 2020, the Zone Agtech has emerged as a key player in the development of the agtech and plant bioproducts industry in Quebec. The Zone Agtech has created several networks, developed international partnerships, set up four consortia and has reached more than 1,000 players in the sector with its events. About 40 companies are also established in the geolocated area. In less than a year it brought together more than 175 Quebec companies and organizations within the agtech community, more than 1,600 scientists representing 24 complementary areas of expertise, 10 financial partners and three accelerating partners.

“This new partnership is an exciting next step in making Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine a truly national network and will let us support food and agri-tech innovation and entrepreneurship in Quebec, a key region for this very important sector,” says Bioenterprise CEO Dave Smardon. “We are also pleased to be able to play a role in the creation of Quebec’s first agtech accelerator and welcome the opportunity to put our resources and expertise at the disposal of new partners in Quebec’s innovation ecosystem.”

About the Zone Agtech

A breeding ground for knowledge entrepreneurship and innovation, the Zone Agtech, located in the L’Assomption RCM in Quebec, is a dedicated geolocated zone that brings together the entire ecosystem to propel new agriculture. The Zone makes it possible to favorably position the companies (SMEs as well as large companies) associated with it in addition to giving them unique competitive advantages. Strategically located within the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM), the Zone provides access to the logistics hub of greater Montreal and in a single location to research teams, a business network, advisers, training research facilities and visibility platforms. For more info:

About Bioentreprise Corporation

Bioenterprise is Canada’s Food and Agri-Tech Engine, bringing more than 15 years of industry experience and a national and international network of research institutions, academia, mentors, experts, government, and industry players nationwide to help small and medium-sized businesses in the sector to connect, innovate, and grow. Through its experienced service partner network, Bioenterprise offers a wide range of expertise and support to its clients. In partnerships with other industries, Bioenterprise opens doors to new technologies and platforms to help food and agri-tech businesses innovate and grow. For more info:

About the Ecofuel Accelerator

The Ecofuel Accelerator is a specialized and personalized accelerator dedicated to the cleantech startups. Founded by Cycle Capital, the accelerator works with entrepreneurs who develop and commercialize clean technologies to help build globally competitive companies. The Ecofuel Accelerator offers entrepreneurs a specialized and personalized program of training workshops, networking sessions, experienced mentors and gives access to the investors to some of the most promising Canadian cleantech ventures.  In addition to the funding provided by the Quebec Government, the Ecofuel Accelerator benefits from the collaboration of Cycle Capital, Ecotech Québec, Fasken, and the City of Montréal. For more info:

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