We bring together know-how, funding, resources, programs, contacts and experience to accelerate the development of your innovation.

A prime location for agtech and plant bioproducts companies

The Agtech Zone is an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship dedicated to driving innovative agricultural technologies and plant bioproducts that meet the challenges of food self-sufficiency, climate change, environmental impact and labor shortages.

Located in the heart of the L'Assomption RCM, 30 km from the City of Montreal, the Agtech Zone offers a series of advantages and strategic levers for entrepreneurs, startups and corporations to design, develop and demonstrate the technologies and solutions underpinning tomorrow's agriculture: low-impact, resilient, high-performance and sustainable agriculture to feed current and future generations.

Strategic location

Evolve in the heart of agtech Quebec, close to agriculture and a world-class metropolis.

Qualified talent

Benefit from advanced scientific collaborations, direct access to the latest innovations and highly qualified talent.

Major support

Experience the difference of an innovation center supported by the Quebec government to shape the future.

Agtech priorities

Join an environment that puts your industry first.

Our expertise

We are one of Canada's leading innovation ecosystems dedicated to driving agtech and plant bioproducts companies forward.

Agriculture in a controlled environment

We welcome and catalyze companies that commercialize clean technologies dedicated to increasing food self-sufficiency and agricultural resilience to climate change.

Automation, robotization and 4.0

We drive companies that deploy technologies to reduce the impact of labor shortages and climate change on agriculture.

Plant-based bioproducts

We support companies wishing to implement or operate a project to convert crop residues into value-added products.

Emerging foods and superfoods

We put our strategic leverage at the service of companies developing technologies and biotechnologies for the production of foods, nutraceuticals and ingredients with high nutritional value and low carbon impact.

Our impact on driving tomorrow's economy

In addition to propelling one of Canada's largest agtech communities, the Agtech Zone offers 6 strategic levers in the heart of the L'Assomption MRC to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative companies that increase food self-sufficiency and reduce the impact of climate change to feed current and future generations. 


Members and partners


Millions of square feet dedicated to innovation


Companies powered since 2020


Technologies transferred per year


A $400 million investment initiative

Our 6 strategic levers

We offer the know-how, experience, financing, support and proven tools to facilitate your local and international development.

Acceleration and innovation programs


Acceleration and collaborative innovation programs 100% specialized in agtechs and plant bioproducts, and supported by experts, major players and coaches from the industry.

Business intelligence and networking

Business intelligence and networking

Market research and technology watch services and tools, coupled with market networking and networking activities to increase "fit to market" and accelerate time-to-market.

Reception areas

Reception areas

Access to a wide range of facilities tailored to the needs of the industry, from industrial or agricultural land to experimentation and demonstration sites, industrial condos and, soon, a fully-equipped agtech innovation and acceleration space.

Access to financing

Access to financing

Start-up financing of up to $250,000 and access to a financing table made up of over 15 partners, including several venture capital firms.

Knowledge and talent

Knowledge and talent

Access to 30 research and technology transfer centers and universities, including 4 locally, to accelerate the resolution of technological challenges. Access to a qualified or highly specialized workforce through training and internship programs in collaboration with our partner universities.

Quebec Agtech Community

Quebec Agtech Community

A comprehensive program of events and networking activities, combined with a direct link to the local agricultural network, to member-users of the Quebec Agtech Community, powered by the Agtech Zone, and to 10 international corridors.

why choose the agtech zone

A development at the heart of government policies and priorities

With food self-sufficiency, environmental footprint reduction and overall performance in mind, a location in the Agtech Zone provides access to a wide range of programs and strategies designed to increase the role of greenhouses (including vertical farming), from sustainable agriculture, of l'artificial intelligence and innovation in our economy. Quebec companies can therefore access financing programs to help them in their growth and innovation phases.

Positioned at the heart of one of Canada's largest agtech ecosystems

With over 400 organizations working in the agtech and innovative agrifood sectors, Quebec is home to 35% of the Canadian agtech ecosystem. By promoting 250 companies and more than 10 Canadian and international corridors, the Agtech Zone acts as a federating agtech agtech industry industry, and works on the majority of major projects dedicated to your acceleration

Access to available and affordable talent and skilled labor

Le Greater Montreal where is located Agtech Zone has the highest concentration of high-tech jobs in Canadapositioning it as a key player in the digital player in the digital revolution and related technologies (artificial intelligence, metadata, Internet of Things, etc.), etc.).. Combined à our partnership with the province's leading research centers, colleges and universities in the province, and à our recruitment assistance program, all agtech companies in the Agtech Zone benefit from available, affordable talent and a skilled workforce.

Partners mobilized to support your ambitions

We collaborate with Quebec and international leaders to accelerate innovation and knowledge.

Major visibility in the local and international agricultural and agrifood ecosystems

Lhe Agtech Zone is Canada's leading agtech innovation zone and Quebec's leading agtech community, with over 250 active members.

It supports 50 companies a year, maintains 10 corridors corridors and organizes more than 40 networking, co-development, innovation and acceleration events.

In all, she 4000 participants via its events and over 10,000 via its social networks and website.

A highly strategic location

Zone Agtech is located in Greater Montreal, an international hub for intermodal transport (air, sea, road and rail). Companies in the region can easily access the vast markets of some 50 countries and reach nearly 1.5 billion consumers (Source: Montréal International). With direct access to Highway 40, companies established in the Agtech Zone can also take advantage of Quebec's two railroads (CN, CP), the eastern train and physical proximity to major players in our industry, such as such as Sobeys, Industrie Harnois, CASA, Viandes RiendeauGroupe Connexion, Jambec, Courchesne Larose, Milibec and DMB distribution alimentaire.

Access to clean, affordable energy

Québec's main source of energy is hydroelectricity. Available throughout the province, electrical infrastructures are renowned for their power, stability and zero carbon footprint. and zero carbon footprint. Electricity is offered at one of the most affordable prices in the world.


available space

With its proactive strategic positioning in agtech and plant bioproducts, and its enviable economic climate just a stone's throw from the international metropolis of Montreal, the Zone Agtech de la MRC de L'Assomption is brimming with ideas, creativity, dynamism and resources for the success of your strategic growth.