The AgTech Zone:
Driving the future of agriculture

The Zone’s Ecosystem:
A unique location for key players in agricultural innovation

An initiative of:
L’Assomption RCM – CIENOV – Ville de L’Assomption & Ville de Repentigny

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A Zone of
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Up to
of funding per project
scientists, partners and potential users
Our mission:



The Zone d’innovation en agtech et bioproduits végétaux [AgTech and agri-based bioproducts innovation hub] in the L’Assomption RCM is an incubator for know-how, entrepreneurship and innovation in a dedicated geolocated zone that groups all stakeholders who are building the future of agriculture. The Zone allows both SMEs and large companies involved in agricultural technologies to successfully position themselves, and it also gives them a unique competitive advantage. Furthermore, the Zone’s strategic location in the Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) gives companies access to nearby large urban centres (Montréal and Québec City).

Vision: Turn the L’Assomption RCM and the province of Québec into an internationally-renowned location for innovation, research, training, technology transfer and the creation of value, jobs and businesses in the AgTech and agri-based bioproducts sectors.

Objective: Improve the performance of agriculture and make it more profitable and greener, capable of offering lasting solutions for adapting to climate change and ensuring food security.

Focused on: New technologies for indoor production and field crops (vertical farming, aquaponics, smart farming, agricultural biotechnology, autonomous robots, agro-sourced products, etc.) The goal is to structure and drive the future of agriculture.

Offering: An innovative business environment where proponents of cutting-edge solutions, agricultural producers, clients and R&D organizations collaborate to build the agricultural industry of tomorrow;

Access to experimental greenhouses and plots, real condition demonstration zones, and personalized consulting services and networking activities;

Training, networking and open innovation activities;
Partnership agreements concluded with key players in Québec;

And, as of 2021, an incubator space equipped with 140 offices; wet and dry laboratory spaces; and a business accelerator space with training rooms and 20 offices and workshops.

This unique zone is a space where scientists, start-ups, innovators, students, investors and AgTech companies can thrive.

The Agtech Zone

A business area dedicated to companies in new technologies for indoor cultivation, field agriculture and plant bioproducts.

A business area dedicated to companies in new technologies for indoor cultivation, field agriculture and plant bioproducts.
Total area of 1.4M square feet

  • 1 Zone
  • 15 square kilometers
  • 2 dedicated sectors
  • 2.3 million industrial square feet
  • 140 places in incubation
  • 20 accelerating spaces
  • 8 funding partners
  • 8 scientific and academic partners, bringing together more than 1,500 scientists
  • 20 consultants and mentors
  • Over 60 activities per year
  • Access to more than 1,500 partners, producers or users of technologies

Zone's offer

The AgTech zone is a hub for innovation, strategic networking, know-how and business acceleration designed for AgTech and agri-based bioproducts businesses.

In addition to providing a unique location that fosters growth, it offers a varied program and specialized services that accelerate businesses and help them grow.


The zone offers you:

  • An innovative business environment where proponents of cutting-edge solutions, agricultural producers, clients and R&D organizations collaborate to build the agricultural industry of tomorrow;
  • A comprehensive program of networking events and co-creation activities;
  • A range of innovative and targeted training programs;
  • Financing for setting up a business;
  • Support for financing innovation and growth projects;
  • Consulting services for start-up, project management and strategic business financing and development;
  • Accelerator cohorts;
  • A personalized industry monitoring service;
  • A networking and training support service for consortiums and research partnerships, demonstrations and marketing;
  • Support for organizing internships and hiring specialists.
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In order to support the deployment of a robust AgTech industry in Québec that will promote the province on an international level, the AgTech Zone created the AgTech Community of scientists, agronomists, innovative businesses, agricultural producers, first users, financial institutions, tech associations and disrupters that work together on accelerating the growth of this singular industry.

Boosting innovation in the AgTech and agri-based bioproducts sectors;

Increasing the competitiveness of members;

Promoting Québec AgTech and agri-based bioproducts solutions within the province and internationally.

The benefits of becoming a member of the AgTech Community

Access to the support teams for financial, project management and strategic development guidance

Personalized introduction and networking with various partners and experts

Information on governmental assistance programs

Industry monitoring

Exclusive business opportunities

Exclusive access to competitions and calls for proposals

Subscription to the exclusive email newsletter

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The Zone originators

MRC Assomption
Ville Assomption
Ville Repentigny

Know-how and innovation partners


Specializes in plant science and combatting plant pests

Regroups undergraduate, Masters and PhD students in plant sciences, bioproducts and engineering

Bio Enviro In

Centre for research in horticulture and circular economy of organic matter


Drives the CCTT AgTech hub

Cégep régional de Lanaudière

Offers training courses in agro-environmental horticulture and precision agriculture


Insitute of innovation in biomass-based ecomaterials, ecoproducts and ecoenergies

The Institute for Data Valorization

Major industry partners


Cooperative on Québec’s North Shore


800 employees and several hundred hectares of cropland


90 operating divisions in North America and Europe

Technology cluster made up of 1,000 Québec-based businesses and bodies dedicated to the AgTech industry

Financing and support partners

Manages a start-up fund of $40 million

Manages a business growth fund of $500 million