About us

We help innovative companies grow and innovate by providing advanced business intelligence, robust business models and strategic levers to propel them forward.

About us

The Agtech Zone is an innovation center for technology, innovation and impact businesses.

What sets us apart

Strategic landing

The Zone Agtech is the epicenter of agtech innovation in Quebec, offering a strategic territorial anchorage for innovative companies dedicated to agriculture and plant bioproducts. Nestled in the heart of the L'Assomption MRC, it provides a fertile environment where companies can grow and prosper thanks to industry-specific regulations, creative financing and a comprehensive support ecosystem. By concentrating a multitude of strategic levers in a single location, the Agtech Zone has become an essential catalyst for propelling Quebec's agtech industry forward. Not only does it offer privileged access to strategic research and innovation resources, it also fosters financing, market transfer and collaboration between industry players.

Full support

The Agtech Zone is committed to supporting companies throughout the innovation cycle, from conceptualization to commercialization. It offers financial tools, intellectual property advice, and access to experimentation sites to test innovations in real-life conditions. The Zone facilitates contacts with first-time adopters to gather feedback, supports the development of strategic partnerships, and will soon provide an acceleration and innovation space tailored to the needs of companies. These multiple supports maximize the chances of success for innovations, making the Agtech Zone a key player in the evolution of agricultural technology.

Structuring projects

The Agtech Zone leads various strategic projects to develop the agtech sector in Quebec. It offers talent development programs, stimulates funds dedicated to the sector, provides specialized business intelligence, conducts a global technology watch, and organizes workshops, networking meetings, webinars and events to foster synergies and the transfer of solutions to the market. It is driving the growth of controlled environment production, agricultural robotization and advanced crop biotechnologies. Each project aims to strengthen the resilience and autonomy of the agricultural sector, laying the foundations for smart, sustainable agriculture, in collaboration with agricultural players, investors and major industries to meet future challenges.

Impact network

The Agtech Zone isn't just an innovation platform; it's a dynamic ecosystem of 250 members and partners, where giants like Sobeys, Hypertec, Industries Harnois and the Canadian Space Agency are involved in shaping the future of agriculture. This network, enriched by diverse partners, opens invaluable doors for startups, offering them extensive visibility and commercial opportunities on national and international markets.

Research-industry synergy

By forging strategic partnerships with leading research institutions such as Université Laval's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, the Synchronex Network and major industrial players, the Zone Agtech transforms research into commercial reality. These collaborations facilitate fluid and rapid technology transfer, propelling discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace at accelerated speed.

Agtech specialization

Focusing exclusively on the agtech and plant bioproducts sector, the Agtech Zone is dedicated to propelling innovative agricultural companies and technologies that directly address the critical issues facing modern agriculture, including climate change, food security and labor challenges. Its focus enables a tailored, targeted approach, creating tailor-made solutions for sustainable, high-performance agriculture.

International collaborations

The Agtech Zone extends its influence beyond Quebec through strategic partnerships with international agtech clusters in the Netherlands, Morocco, France, Israel, Silicon Valley, Canada and Brazil. These collaborations facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technologies and best practices, thereby enriching agricultural innovation in Quebec. With the support of Investissement Québec International, Montréal International and Global Affairs Canada, the Zone attracts international startups, integrated via acceleration and technology adaptation programs. This international network and strategic support position Quebec's agtech industry as a world leader in innovation and acceleration.

Cross-sector partnerships

Zone Agtech is a key player in Quebec's agricultural industry, facilitating collaboration between farmers, technology developers, investors and researchers. It catalyzes the development and adoption of technologies adapted to the needs of the sector, thanks to clear industry mandates. Its role as facilitator ensures that innovations are relevant and immediately beneficial, strengthening the position of Quebec companies and supporting a robust and dynamic agricultural ecosystem.

Local impact

The Zone Agtech is a driving force behind the revitalization of the L'Assomption MRC, transforming a traditional industrial zone into a burgeoning center of economic activity and innovation. It creates high-tech jobs and attracts significant investment, revitalizing the local economy while positioning Quebec at the forefront of global intelligent agriculture.



Gathering, propelling and promoting agtech and plant bioproducts companies thanks to a unique business zone, where all the levers and conditions for success are grouped together to intensify the development of innovative technologies in agriculture.


To make the Agtech Zone a world-class innovation zone in agtech and plant bioproducts, recognized for its incubator of innovative agricultural solutions, the performance of its agricultural companies and innovative solutions, and its role as a gas pedal and pioneer in meeting the global challenges of food security and climate change.

Sectors of activity

Agricultural technologies (agtech)

All the technologies that enable us to increase agricultural and horticultural yields and thus our food sovereignty, and that reduce the resources, imports and environmental impact of agriculture.

Plant-based bioproducts

All solutions for producing and/or transforming plant-based biomass into value-added bioproducts and co-products, in order to reduce the use of chemical, petroleum or highly processed products.

In pursuit of its vision, the Agtech Zone has brought together the best organizations and partners to support companies that wish to actively take part in the mission: 

  • Companies developing innovative agricultural technologies and plant-based bioproducts;

  • Research and funding organizations dedicated to agtech;

  • Local and international agricultural and agtech ecosystems;

  • Users of agricultural technologies, whether agricultural producers or major players.

the team


general manager

Emilie Desjardins

Administrative Manager


Project Director, Corporate Innovation

Louis-Simon Barrette

Project coordinator



Lina Herrera

Corporate Advisor

Marie-Pier Richer

Project manager | Communication and events

the c.a.

Sébastien Nadeau

prefect of the MRC de L'Assomption | mayor of the Ville de L'Assomption | president

Denis Leclerc

executive advisor | ClimatConseil360 | Vice-president

Micheline Ayoub

Executive Director, Sustainability in the Digital Age & Future Earth Canada | Secretary

Patrick Gagné

CEO Cycle Momentum | Treasurer

Denis Roy

Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Université Laval

Michel Lesage

CEO | Synchronex Network

Andréanne Aumont

General Manager, Fédération de l'UPA de Lanaudière


Year after year, the Agtech Zone offers companies participating in its acceleration programs the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with three partner tables: the Market Table, the Financing Table and the Peer Table. Created in the form of an advisory board, these tables put participating companies in touch with a network of experts and specialists in the fields of innovative agricultural technologies, agriculture and impact financing, to feed their reflections, support their decisions, set their innovation apart, develop their business network and create promising relationships to accelerate their development and growth.

Market table

The market table aims to bring new innovators together with potential users (or seasoned experts who know best practices for commercializing innovations in a given industry) to better understand industry issues, needs, commercialization challenges, practices and purchasing modalities. This table meets with participants once (1) during their journey, to offer constructive guidance and feedback on their innovation and commercialization strategy, while presenting them with best practices. Members of this table are also present at the closing event (demo day) to listen to participants' presentations (pitch deck) and assess their progress.

2023-2024 Market Table members

Yourianne Plante

Lufa Farms

Izmir Hernandez

Agricultural innovation expertise network

Christian Riopel


Eric Sansregret

Riendeau Group

Peer table

The purpose of the Peer Table is to bring together new innovators with seasoned innovators who have made it through the pre-commercial phase and into the growth phase. The table meets with participants once (1) along the way, to share experiences and pitfalls to avoid, and to answer questions. Members of the table are also present at the closing event (demo day) to listen to participants' presentations (pitch deck) and assess their progress.

2023-2024 Peer Table members

Daphnée Mailhot

Winter farm

François Proulx


Mathieu Phaneuf


Samuel Fournier


Financing table

The table of financeis designed to bring new innovators together with potential investors and financial financewith a view to transferring best practices for accessing financeand private finance. This table meets with participants once (1) during the course of their to to understand the added value of the project presented, and to guide participants in their innovation, financing financingand optimizations to be made to their structure. The meeting also provides an opportunity to present the programs available and the best practices for applying them.

2023-2024 Financing Table members

Christina Marquez


Étienne Lépine Belair

Farm Credit Canada

Mélanie Rosa


Nadia Martel

i4 Capital Fund

Simon Olivier

BlueImpact background


Agtech innovation unit

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Implementation Committee

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our partners

Zone Agtech is pleased to be able to count on the support of organizations and companies that believe in and contribute to its mission. It is supported by the MRC de L'Assomption and numerous partners and collaborators.

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