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Fueled by a dynamic entrepreneurial culture, a focus on sustainable development, a highly-qualified workforce, diversified reception areas and, as of 2026, a fully-equipped technological and scientific innovation complex, the Agtech Zone's most valuable priority is to intensify the development of agtechs and plant bioproducts, and their transfer to the market, to meet the agricultural productivity challenges of today and tomorrow.

Today, the Agtech Zone offers access to a range of programs and levers tailored to the needs of every company, whether young or mature. The strength of its extensive ecosystem, its adapted infrastructure in terms of both functionality and regulation, its partnerships with the province's top universities and teaching centers, its proximity to both more than 2,500 agricultural producers and the international metropolis of Montreal, its positioning at the gateway to Canada and North America and its direct access to the best international clusters make it a privileged location for the development of companies aiming to expand in Quebec, Canada, America and worldwide.

We support you at every stage of your project

Development and validation

Industrial scale-up and growth

Defining the idea and validating potential

0 to 6 months

Development and maturation

6 to 18 months

Real-life demonstration

18 to 24 months


18 to 24 months


24 to 36 months

Marketing and growth

36 months and over

Our programs

Each year, the Agtech Zone offers 5 incubation, acceleration and corporate innovation programs. These are dedicated to startups and companies in the growth phase of the agtech and plant bioproducts sector, and to all mature companies wishing to acquire the best technologies and bioproducts to position themselves as pioneers in their industry. Companies can also benefit from personalized services in business strategy, business law, marketing strategy and project and company financing from the Zone Agtech team of advisors and/or qualified experts and coaches. They can also benefit from networking services by becoming a member of the Quebec Agtech Community.




Labour shortages and operational efficiency

Deposit max. Sept. 2, 2024

Propel your business forward with personalized support to accelerate your access to the strategic levers your company needs to develop and grow.

Personalized support

Startups and scale-ups

Continuous demand

Propel your business forward with personalized support to accelerate your access to the strategic levers your company needs to develop and grow.

Corporate innovation

SMEs and large companies

Continuous demand

Established and/or mature companies who want to acquire the best solutions and innovations in agtech and plant bioproducts, or who want to develop the next generation themselves...

Collaborative innovation

SMEs and large companies

Continuous demand

Benefit from an environment conducive to open innovation, where collaboration and knowledge sharing enable us to work together to meet the challenges of the agricultural and agri-food sector by launching...