Agtech The innovation center receives support from the government of Quebec

L’Assomption, March 25, 2024 – Sébastien Nadeau, Mayor of the City of L’Assomption, Prefect of the RCM of L’Assomption and President of Agtech, along with Marilou Cyr, General Manager, are pleased to announce that one of the largest innovation centers in agrisciences and agro technologies being deployed in Canada will be built in L’Assomption. This innovation center is one of the cornerstones of the 4-square-kilometer ecosystem dedicated to agtech and plant bioproducts development in the RCM of L’Assomption.

The investment announced by the government of Quebec last Friday will support companies and innovation teams dedicated to the development of innovative clean technologies to support the challenges of the agricultural sector.

An innovation center open to all innovative companies in Quebec

Granted to Agtech, this investment of nearly $41.7 million has two objectives: (1) the relocation of activities from CIEL, a research center specializing in the integrated management of horticultural crop pests, which has been in operation since 1997; (2) the construction of an innovation center open to all innovative companies in Quebec that require fully equipped laboratories, technological workshops, conference rooms, and training rooms. Quebec companies and research teams will thus have access to specialized infrastructure and equipment in agrisciences and agri technologies, such as preemption arms, growth chambers, wet labs, drones, and much more, for their research and development work.

The facilities will also be used for the creation and acceleration of companies, the provision of specialized training and innovation programs, the reception of international buyer delegations, and the demonstration of technologies in exhibition halls to facilitate the transition of solutions to agricultural producers.

“After five years of collaboration and uninterrupted efforts, the RCM of L’Assomption celebrates a historic moment with the recognition of this first specialized innovation center in agrisciences and agro technologies and the receipt of significant financial support to establish it. This important milestone clearly positions the RCM of L’Assomption as a global player in the ecosystem of innovative agricultural technologies and will intensify research, development, business hosting, and training activities in a state-of-the-art innovation center. This announcement confirms the commitment of Agtech, CIEL, and the MRC of L’Assomption to the emergence of clean agricultural solutions adapted to climate challenges, food self-sufficiency, and the creation of value-added jobs in a relevant and innovative sector for our agricultural producers, our citizens, and future generations.” – Sébastien Nadeau, Mayor of the City of L’Assomption, Prefect of the RCM of L’Assomption, and President of the Agtech organization

About Agtech

Agtech is a non-profit organization created to bring together, propel, and showcase agtech and plant bioproducts companies from Quebec, in Quebec, and internationally. It receives support from the RCM of L’Assomption region and its five constituent cities, the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of Laval University, the Quebec CCTT Network, Synchronex, and major players involved in agricultural transition and carbon sobriety, notably Sobeys / IGA Quebec, Harnois Industries, Axceta Technologies, and Hypertec Group. Agtech has already demonstrated its impact as it now gathers one of the largest agtech communities in Canada, welcomes over 600 visitors annually to its events, and has supported over 150 Quebec companies in their technological development applied to the agricultural and plant bioproducts sector.

It also enjoys a growing international reputation, as it embarks on collaborative projects with Morocco and France, and plans to host more than 100 companies and innovation teams by 2026 in the 4 million square feet of industrial space dedicated to this strategic sector.

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