Zone Agtech is looking for job candidates and investors interested in getting involved with agtech and plant bioproducts companies that contribute to developing a sustainable and resilient bio-food sector.

To support a self-sufficient and sustainable agricultural and agri-food sector, Zone Agtech has been deploying, since 2020, an innovation zone dedicated to bringing together, propelling and promoting innovative agricultural technologies and plant bioproducts in Quebec that support increased food autonomy, the reduction of agriculture’s environmental impact and the adaptation of the sector to climate change.

With more than 150 innovations and companies supported since its inception, Zone Agtech offers many investment opportunities to private investors and angel investors in Quebec and many employment opportunities to people who want to get involved in companies that have an impact on current and future generations.

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Annually, Zone Agtech supports more than 35 companies that develop innovative technologies and solutions to address labour shortages, climate change and supply chain instability.

Often at the pre-commercialization or commercialization stage, these companies have distinctive intellectual properties and value propositions that, with the support of strategic investors, offer major growth potential.

They are in various sectors, such as agricultural robotization, bioproducts, artificial intelligence, environmental control, insect production, terrestrial aquaculture and vertical farming.

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Building one of the most important innovation poles in agtech and plant bioproducts in Canada, Zone Agtech promotes the development, attraction and establishment of numerous companies and organizations on its territory.

To support these companies in their projects and growth, we are building a bank of candidates who are interested in their missions. They are looking for skills such as engineering, programming, robotics, agronomy, agricultural production, greenhouse management, horticulture, data science, project management, etc.

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