The agtech and plant bioproducts sector is still booming in Quebec, and the latest news from our members and partners proves it.   

Since the beginning of the year, several of our members and partners have accomplished noteworthy achievements. Read about them now! 


  • CASCADES | Cascades launches new eco-friendly packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables | Read the article  
  • DRONE DES CHAMPS | Dispersion by drone | See the report 
  • ELMEC | Robots in the field: producers give their point of view | Read the article 
  • FERME D’HIVER | The master of the winter strawberry | Read the article 
  • ECOFUEL FUND | The agtech sector and venture capital | Read the article 
  • GENOME QUÉBEC | “DNA: 3 Letters That Change the World” – Episode 2 “Growing to Decontaminate” | Listen to the podcast 
  • GOURMA | Gourmet Herbs Become Gourma | Read the article 
  • HRVST LIMITED | The future of agriculture is also vertical | Listen to the interview 
  • HARNOIS INDUSTRIES | A $6,000,000 glass greenhouse capable of feeding 1000 families | Read the article  
  • INO | Development of a portable spectrometer to analyze nutrient deficiencies in potato plants | Read the article 
  • INO | Partnering to address agribusiness issues | Read the article 
  • The Association of Strawberry and Raspberry Producers of Quebec (APFFQ) | The new format of strawberry baskets causes a reaction | Read the article 
  • LBM AGTECH | The Boîte Maraîchère and the magic of container growing | Read the article 
  • NEXUS AND PICKETA | Nexus and Picketa: Both selected in the pan-Canadian gas pedal SVG Ventures|THRIVE | Read the article 
  • NEXUS | Nexus Finalist for Ag Robot Of The Year Award | Read the article 
  • NOOVELIA | A New Model of Smart Factory for Your Company | Read the article  
  • SOLLUM TECHNOLOGIES | Sollum Technologie and Groupe Savoura: LED technology for strawberry production | Read the article