News from our members

Our members and partners are shining brighter than ever!

The members of Zone Agtech work hard every day to make the world of agriculture even more prosperous. Their solutions and success stories have been mentioned in various media platforms again in recent weeks.

Here's an overview of news published about our members recently.


  • ASSOCIATION DES PRODUCTEURS DE FRAISES ET FRAMBOISES DU QUÉBEC | APFF appoints Jasmine Sauvé as its new General Manager | Read the news
  • AU/LAB | Planting is good for morale | Read the article
  • AXCETA | PME Innovation - Axceta : Understanding language of objects | Read the article
  • BLANC DE GRIS | Producing even more food from food waste | Read the article
  • CHRYSALABS | Soil measurement and carbon quantification will become even faster, more accessible and more profitable with major investments in the Montreal ag-tech company ChrysaLabs | Read the article
  • CIRCULUS AGTECH | Circulus Agtech wins $100,000 in funding for its sustainable fertilizer solution at the HSBC Quebec Cleantech Investment Challenge | Read the news
  • DRONES DES CHAMPS - NEXUS ROBOTICS - SERRES POINT DU JOUR | Technological revolution underway in agriculture | Read the article
  • ÉCOTECH QUÉBEC - KOURANT TECHNOLOGIES | Green economy - Every actor has a part to play | Read the article
  • ÉCOTECH QUÉBEC | Eureka! Awards For a green and prosperous Quebec - Call for entries | Learn more
  • EXPLORAI - QUALIFIED EXPERT | Find out how artificial intelligence can help farmers overcome today's economic, human and climate challenges | Read the post
  • WINTER FARM | Winter Farm Cultivates Success With Integrated Farming Approach, Sustainable Solutions | Read the article
  • WINTER FARM | Artificial intelligence in strawberries | Read the article
  • LUFA FARMS | Inauguration of the Lufa Farms indoor farm | Watch the video
  • GEN V - Serres Royales | Gen V grows thanks to tomatoes | Read the article
  • INO | Precision agriculture | Read the post
  • NECTAR TECHNOLOGIES | TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good mentions Nectar in its impact report | Read the post
  • ORISHA | The future lies in sustainable agriculture | Read the article
  • PICKETA | Picketa Raises $1.4M | Read the publication
  • AIR SPORE PROGRAM | Podcasts Agricoles du Québec | Listen to the interview
  • RÉSEAU D'EXPERTISE EN INNOVATION AGRICOLE | A directory of technological equipment | Read the article
  • SAVOURA | Québec invests over $21 million to boost Savoura's productivity | Read the article
  • SERRES POINT DU JOUR | Greenhouse growing | Listen to the interview
  • SYNCHRONEX | An interim ensuring continuity | Read the publication
  • UNIVERSITÉ LAVAL | Agricultural lands "suffocate" | Read the article

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