AgXis Maraicher program, presented by Univerco

Presented by Univerco, the objective of the AgXis Maraicher Program is to attract to Quebec, accelerate the adaptation and/or maturation of, and transfer to the market, 5 technologies that help reduce labor challenges and optimize the operational efficiency of Quebec vegetable farms.

More specifically, market gardeners want to find solutions that address the following issues:


  • Versatile harvesting technologies adapted to several types of crops.
  • Harvesting assistance platforms for easy attachment or packing in the field.
  • Sensors for tracking and forecasting yields.

Weed control

  • Towed technologies or tool-carrying robots for different types of mechanical or laser weeding.

Yield forecasts

  • Equipment to predict vegetable maturity and allow several passes per production cycle.


  • Technology for the early detection of disease or solutions for the treatment of disease.

Companies with applicable technologies, or those wishing to adapt their technology to these needs, are invited to apply.

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