AgXis Potato Program, presented by Epsilia, Groupe Noovelia

Presented by Epsilia - Noovelia, the AgXis Potato Program aims to attract to Quebec, accelerate adaptation and/or maturation and transfer to the market 5 technologies that help reduce labor challenges and optimize operational efficiency on farms.

More specifically, Quebec potato growers want to find solutions that will pay for themselves in less than 5 years and address the following issues:

Automated sorting 

  • Technology enabling automated separation of potatoes according to their physical attributes for grading in storage.

Disease screening

  • Integrated sensors on existing or new tools
  • Inputs to reduce potato disease pressure.

Pest control

  • Pest control technologies, with a particular focus on CPB.

Weed control 

  • Weed control technologies in the field.

Optimized washing

  • Solution for reducing the quantity of wash water or wash effluent.

Data processing 

  • Digital data sorting and recovery solutions to ensure traceability of farm operations.

Companies with applicable technologies, or those wishing to adapt their technology to these needs, are invited to apply.

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