Zone Agtech announces signing of three new mandates to support the strategic development and commercialization of innovations for Cyclofield, Les Habitations Bordeleau and Alliance Solutions, which was founded in the Zone Agtech.   

Increasingly, Quebec companies are investing in creating local bio-food chains and want to optimize what Quebec can offer to grow faster. This is why Zone Agtech is starting to support three new companies to accelerate their development, the commercialization of their innovations, and speed up their funding phase.   

These companies have developed innovative and promising solutions to increase food autonomy and reduce the pressure of labour scarcity.  In addition, these innovative solutions accelerate the transition to sustainable and innovative production practices. Zone Agtech is pleased to accompany them in realizing their objective to provide concrete solutions to implementation, financing and development issues for each of these companies.   

Supported companies are: 


An innovative, Quebec-based company, CycloFields, has developed a turnkey technology for vertical agriculture in a controlled environment (AEC) using aeroponics to produce pesticide-free fruits and vegetables 12 months a year. This solution integrates rotating carousels, variable wavelength LED lighting, an energy-efficient climate system and computerized management software. CycloFields’ technology also considerably reduces labour requirements by centralizing the crop carousels into a multi-service station dedicated to various operations such as seeding, harvesting and washing.  

The company’s commercial orientation consists of selling complete production units, representing a multiplier effect for increasing food sovereignty and reducing GHG emissions related to agricultural production.  

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Alliance Solutions offers essential technical services for Quebec companies with an eco-responsible approach.

Alliance Solutions is an engineering firm founded in 2019 in Zone Agtech (MRC de L’Assomption). Sharing strong values in innovation and societal impact, it now accumulates numerous achievements that have optimized the performance of the agricultural and agri-food sector in the context of labour shortage.

With stimulating growth objectives, the company wants to accelerate and develop a robotic solution to market to the bio-food sector. 

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Established in the Lanaudière region for nearly 20 years, the company Les Habitations Bordeleau’s mission is to be the leader in services offered to seniors in Quebec. They push the limits of innovation day after day by implementing the technologies necessary to offer a healthy, fulfilling and secure life to independent and semi-autonomous retirees.

In fact, more than 200 units are equipped with Evey artificial intelligence, which acts preventively to optimize the safety of residents according to their changing needs. Among other things, this formula allows couples of varying degrees of autonomy to continue to enjoy life together. “Distinguishing oneself through innovation” takes on its whole meaning. By setting up local sources of supply with a view to food autonomy, Zone Agtech will support this thirst for innovation.

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