Grand Colloque Agtech du Québec 2024: 250 people gather in the MRC de L’Assomption to discuss the future of agriculture

MRC de L’Assomption, February 8, 2024 – The 2024 edition of the Grand Colloque Agtech du Québec, orchestrated by the Zone Agtech and highlighted by the Synchronex CCTT Network, ended on a successful note, bringing together more than 250 key players in agriculture and innovative agricultural technologies. This convergence of experts, innovators and decision-makers marked a decisive step in the reflection on the future of agriculture, the showcasing of cutting-edge technologies and the deployment of the Zone Agtech as an innovation ecosystem in agtech and plant bioproducts for Quebec.

A platform for dynamic exchanges on innovation

At the core of the event, five panels of experts addressed themes crucial to the future of agriculture, ranging from the current state of the agtech ecosystem in Quebec, to development issues and priorities, adapting agriculture to climate change, high-performance and eco-responsible farming practices, and exploring the benefits of vertical farming. The experts at the heart of the discussions, including Ouranos, Durabilité à l’Ère numérique, Université Laval, Génome Québec, the Union des producteurs agricoles and several agtech and agricultural entrepreneurs, generously shared their thoughts, knowledge, innovations and visions for a more sustainable agriculture adapted to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The event also welcomed 15 Quebec technology demonstrators to the AgtechX Space powered by Epsilia, including Epsilia, Axceta Solutions, Hortau, HerbiaEra, Sollum Technologies and Vermax, who were able to showcase their innovative agricultural technologies to Quebec participants and horticultural producers.

“The gathering was most inspiring. To see so many people, offering so much unique expertise, all united and committed to the future of agriculture, embodies the mission of the Zone Agtech. This mobilization underlines the leading position in innovation and development of innovative agricultural technologies that the MRC de L’Assomption is taking to optimize crop results while acting responsibly for our planet. The future looks very promising. – says Sébastien Nadeau, Mayor of L’Assomption and President of Zone Agtech.

Investment announcements

One of the highlights of the event was the announcement of new investments in the Zone Agtech, testifying to the momentum gained by the Zone following the turbulent economic times of recent years. To highlight these announcements, the General Manager of the Zone Agtech invited :

  • Agriculturix, a new Quebec entity spun off from Moroccan precision farming company Agri-Edge, which is deploying in the Zone Agtech to adapt its solution to Quebec growers and roll it out across North America following a strong rise in Europe and Africa.
  • CultivÉ, the new Quebec entity of Cultivatd, Canada’s leader in controlled-environment agriculture, which has been operating a controlled-environment specialty mushroom production facility in L’Assomption since the summer of 2023, a perfect illustration of diversification and innovation in local agricultural production and reinforces Quebec’s position as a leader in agtech.
  • The technology demonstration greenhouse project, co-designed with Vermax (Industries Harnois), Sollum Technologies, Serres Point du Jour and Zone Agtech, aims to develop a zero-carbon greenhouse incorporating the latest advances in energy management and intelligent lighting, helping to maximize production while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact.

These investment announcements came on top of the unveiling of new business hosting spaces by Zone Agtech president and mayor of L’Assomption, Sébastien Nadeau. Taken together, these announcements once again demonstrate the commitment and momentum of the Zone Agtech and L’Assomption RCM as a land of innovation to propel Quebec agriculture into the future, by accelerating the potential of innovative technologies to meet the sector’s current and future challenges.


The event concluded with the presentation of the Grands Prix de l’innovation Agtech, rewarding players who have made an outstanding contribution to innovation in the sector. The announced winners took to the stage in turn to receive their awards. The winners were:

  • For the Innovator of the Year Award, presented by Réseau des CCTT Synxhronex: Agribionovation, dedicated to the development and marketing of an automatic net deployment tool for fruit cultivation, enabling large areas to be covered in a short space of time and thus improving carbon neutrality in crop pest management;
  • For the Startup d’Exception Award, presented by Zone Agtech: Circulus agtech, dedicated to the development and integration in greenhouses of a biofertilization solution derived from agricultural waste;
  • For the Relève d’Avenir Award, presented by Université Laval: Mathieu Rémy, for his research into carbon capture analysis methods and techniques, aimed at reducing costs and increasing use;
  • For the Propulseur de l’Année Award, presented by GPS Climat powered by Ecotech Québec: Les Serres Points du Jour, for their contribution to the experimentation and integration of innovative Quebec agricultural technologies in the greenhouse, thereby fostering their development.

“The advances and innovations we’re seeing in the bio-food sector are testament to the dynamism found in the Zone Agtech. As one of her administrator, I firmly believe that the future of agriculture lies in an innovative technological approach. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in many of our projects, and we are proud to play a central role in this transformation. The solutions being developed within the Zone Agtech promise not only to revolutionize the way we grow and produce food, but also to create new opportunities for SMEs in the bio-food sector. It was great to hear the latest positive announcements about the progress of the Zone ! It’s proof that we’re shaping a future where innovation and efficiency are at the heart of every farming operation, where challenges are transformed into opportunities, and where the growth of bio-food SMEs is not only encouraged, but catalyzed.” – says Michel Lesage, CEO of Réseau des CCTT, Synchronex, official sponsor of the event.

Zone Agtech would like to thank all the partners, participants and stakeholders of this 2024 edition, whose collaboration was essential to the success of this event. Special thanks go to Réseau des CCTT Synchronex, Epsilia, MRC de L’Assomption, Axceta Solutions, FCC, Génome Québec, GPS Climat, Université Laval, as well as the many panelists sponsors and panelists who enriched the debates with their expertise and commitment to the future of agriculture.

Media contact
Marie-Pier Richer, Communications and Events Project Coordinator, Zone Agtech,

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