MRC de L’Assomption, Monday April 6, 2020 – “It is often said that major crises generate great opportunities,” said Sébastien Nadeau, mayor of L’Assomption and visionary for the Zone Agtech. More than ever, consumers are aware of the importance of agriculture, local purchasing and food self-sufficiency. The Agtech Zone brings together ambitious people to seize this opportunity, to position Quebec as a benchmark on the world agricultural chessboard and, even more so these days, to support Quebec in its food autonomy. “

Not so long ago, on February 6, the MRC de L’Assomption launched the first Agtech Zone in Quebec, a geolocated zone where the entire ecosystem gathers to intensify the development of tomorrow’s agriculture . Among its members, it brings together precursors of food self-sufficiency such as LBM-Agtech, ÉAU, Chrysalab and Elmec, promoter of autonomous agricultural robots. “These are concrete solutions that come to the aid of agricultural producers in this time of crisis,” says the director of the Zone Agtech, Marilou Cyr.

It is with this in mind that the Zone Agtecg and Écotech Québec have launched a major initiative to list all of the “accessible” or “ready to use” agricultural technologies in Québec. In just seven days, 15 promising solutions or projects for the sector have already been identified.

“We are currently experiencing an unprecedented crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Marilou Cyr. Our agricultural producers face multiple challenges, such as a labor shortage. Even when the crisis is over, the agricultural season will be very special: producers will have to ensure food security for the population, while the latter will increasingly demand local products. “

According to Ms. Cyr, several innovative agricultural technologies manufactured in Quebec could be integrated by the agricultural sector. It is for this reason that in addition to the call for solutions, a survey is carried out with agricultural producers to determine their main issues. The Zone is also working with financial organizations to quickly fund projects that will arise from the initiative.

From beehives connected to aquaculture technologies, including vertical cultivation, plant biostimulation and IoT inventory management platforms, Quebec Agtech is proactive and offers multiple tools to agricultural producers to support their performance in this period particular.

The first version of the directory, which is filled every week, is also available at


The Zone Agtech is $ 220 million in direct investment and the creation of nearly 2,600 new quality jobs over a total area of ​​15 square kilometers. A reception potential of 3 million square feet with a target of more than 100 companies and startups specializing in agricultural technologies and plant bioproducts. This project will accelerate the development of startups and companies in agricultural technologies, in different ways, including by:

  • Access to quality knowledge and sources of funding through partnerships with several university bodies and research and transfer centers;
  • A living-lab style incubator giving access to an agricultural research center and greenhouses and experimental plots;
  • An accelerator in the form of workshop spaces for the production of the first units;
  • Demonstration sites and easy access for first users of technology;
  • Advisory service;
  • Development, networking and financing workshops;
  • The creation of the very first Agtech community in Quebec, in collaboration with Ecotech Quebec.

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