Zone Agtech
Launch of the Zone Agtech

Born from the union of the CIEBIO projects, powered by CIENOV, and L’Assomption Vert Cité, the Zone Agtech was recently launched in Repentigny, in the presence of the project's instigators and partners. This major development promises to propel the agriculture of tomorrow in a sustainable manner by offering effective solutions to agricultural producers in addition to positioning the MRC de L’Assumption as an international leader in the field.

Two sites will host the area, spanning a total area of ​​15 square kilometers; one in the Le Gardeur area of ​​Repentigny and the other in L’Assomption, on the site of the former Electrolux factory. It is expected to host more than 100 companies and startups specializing in agricultural technologies and plant bioproducts, focusing on both outdoor and indoor agriculture.

Some $ 220 million in direct investment is attached to the project, which provides for the creation of 2,600 new quality jobs.

For the director of the Zone Agtech, Marilou Cyr, the MRC de L’Assomption has all the necessary forces to become a recognized innovation zone, like the Food Valley in the Netherlands. "We are thus becoming THE essential place of business for companies operating in the agricultural technology and plant bioproducts sectors in Quebec. We are setting up a place of dynamic convergence where different players in the technological agriculture sector work together: scientists, startups, students, investors and companies. "

As part of a movement for sustainable development, the project also plans to convert part of the roofs into green roofs. 

Know what we eat

The mayor of L’Assomption says, as a consumer, we want to know what we eat and where our food comes from. Investing in agriculture thus responds to this concern. In addition, Mr. Nadeau believes that the MRC de L’Assomption and the City of L’Assomption want to be the right people to set up this area. "At L’Assomption, agriculture is particularly important, it is part of our history. The experimental farm in Canada was with us before, 90% of our territory is also agricultural, "he recalls. 

Furthermore, it should be noted that L’Assomption is continuing its discussions with the Swedish giant Electrolux in order to make the official acquisition of the land on boulevard l'Ange-Gardien. It is on the latter that the Zone Agtech should see the light of day. Sébastien Nadeau ensures that discussions are going well at this level. 

Climatic changes

Finally, the Zone Agtech plans to meet a need in terms of climate change. "Last year we had 16 periods of frost and thaw in the winter, then in the summer there were six periods of heat waves and we had to deal with snow on the corn in November. We must therefore be able to anticipate these challenges ", underlines the mayor of L’Assomption. 

For her part, the prefect of the MRC de L’Assomption and mayoress of Repentigny, Chantal Deschamps, specifies that this achievement stems from the great economic recovery plan for the sector. "To ensure the success of the area, we are proud to be able to count on the support of the regional directorates of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation as well as that of important players in the industry, in particular the Novago Cooperative, Group Connexion, Cascades, Ecofuel, and Ecotech Québec ”, concluded the latter. 

Source: Renée-Claude Doucet, Hebdo Rive Nord https://www.hebdorivenord.com/article/2020/02/18/quand-agriculture-et-technologie-s-unissent 
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