Zone Agtech and Bioenterprise Promote the Deep Space Food Challenge Across Canada

Zone Agtech and Bioenterprise are working with the Canadian Space Agency to Promote the Deep Space Food Challenge Across Canada

MRC de L’Assomption, Tuesday, January 12, 2021 – To increase food autonomy in arid and remote environments, Zone Agtech and its partner Bioenterprise Corporation, Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine, are working with the Canadian Space Agency to promote the Deep Space Food Challenge to all Canadians.

The Deep Space Food Challenge is a prize competition launched in parallel by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the National Aeronautics and the Space Administration (NASA) Centennial Challenges Program, and their allied organization, the Methuselah Foundation. In Canada, Zone Agtech has joined forces with Bioenterprise Corporation to promote the Challenge to Canadian innovators. The Canadian component of the Deep Space Food Challenge is intended to incentivize Canadian innovators to advance food production technologies that support long-duration missions in space, and improve the accessibility of nutritious food across Canada, including the North.

“We have decided to promote this Canadian Space Agency Challenge since it allows agtech companies in Quebec and Canada to seek significant support in their quest for food autonomy,” says Marilou Cyr, director of the Zone Agtech. “Several technologies or solutions that will be submitted to this Challenge are avenues for solutions on food security, adaptation to climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gases. They are the basis of the agriculture of tomorrow.”

“This challenge is highlighting the central role of agriculture in the future of food innovation,” says Dave Smardon, President and CEO of Bioenterprise. “Through this partnership, our goal is to facilitate the collaboration and sharing of resources among small to medium-sized Canadian enterprises across the country, to strengthen innovation of food production technologies and define the next phase of food tech.’

How can food production innovations benefit both people on Earth and astronauts in space?

Food security remains a significant challenge on Earth in urban, rural, Northern and remote communities, and within “harsh” environments. Through this challenge, innovators will develop compact and novel advanced food production solutions that have the potential to further enhance local production, reduce food supply chain shortages, and reduce the resource impact of food production in extreme environments, disaster-affected areas and resource-scarce regions.

The Challenge officially launched on January 12th, 2021. Applicants with a design for an advanced food production technology concept are invited to register their interest and apply to the Challenge. The deadline to apply is July 30, 2021. At this phase, applicants are competing for CAD $30,000 in grant funding and the opportunity to become a Semi-Finalist entering into Phase 2 of the Challenge.

About Zone Agtech

A breeding ground for knowledge entrepreneurship and innovation, the Zone Agtech, located in the L’Assomption RCM in Quebec, is a dedicated geolocated zone that brings together the entire ecosystem to propel new agriculture. The Zone makes it possible to favorably position the companies (SMEs as well as large companies) associated with it in addition to giving them unique competitive advantages. Strategically located within the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM), the Zone provides access to the logistics hub of greater Montreal and in a single location to research teams, a business network, advisers, training research facilities and visibility platforms. For more info:

About Bioentreprise Corporation

Bioenterprise is Canada’s Food and Agri-Tech Engine, bringing more than 15 years of industry experience and a national and international network of research institutions, academia, mentors, experts, government, and industry players nationwide to help small and medium-sized businesses in the sector to connect, innovate, and grow. Through its experienced service partner network, Bioenterprise offers a wide range of expertise and support to its clients. In partnerships with other industries, Bioenterprise opens doors to new technologies and platforms to help food and agri-tech businesses innovate and grow. For more info:

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