Zone Agtech unveils the program for the 4th edition of the Grand Colloque Agtech du Québec

MRC de L’Assomption, Quebec, January 24, 2024 – Zone Agtech is proud to announce the 4th edition of the Grand Colloque Agtech du Québec, a flagship event for players in the agricultural and agrifood sector. This year, the event will be held in the city of Repentigny and will bring together more than 30 expert panelists to address the major challenges to the sustainability of agriculture and sustainable food autonomy in Quebec, as well as the priority needs, current projects and projects to be deployed to overcome them.

Zone Agtech and the Synchronex CCTT Network, which brings together the province’s 59 college technology transfer centers, invite all players in the agricultural, agri-food and agricultural clean technology sectors to take part in the 4th edition of the Grand Colloque Agtech du Québec, which aims to highlight the major challenges facing agricultural and agri-food production to ensure clean, sustainable food self-sufficiency, and present Quebec’s innovation projects and emerging technologies to address them.

“Every year, the Grand Colloque Agtech du Québec marks tangible advances in innovative agricultural technologies. As president of the Zone Agtech and prefect of the L’Assomption MRC, I’m proud to see our MRC become a hub of technological innovation and fruitful collaboration with the agricultural sector. This exceptional gathering of professionals, experts, innovators and producers is proof of our shared commitment to more sustainable, resilient and high-performance agriculture. Together, we are shaping the future of agriculture, by harmonizing municipal farming practices, technological advances, respect for the environment and support for the farming community,” says Sébastien Nadeau, Mayor of the Ville de L’Assomption.

With contributions from major industry players, this flagship event will address the specific issues facing Quebec farmers, the future challenges of agricultural production, practical solutions for improving sustainability, productivity and profitability, and the important correlation between climate challenges and food self-sufficiency. Discussions will also highlight the possibilities and impact of digital applications and other advanced technologies, alternative pest management, vertical farming, and the importance of reconciling productivity and respect for the environment.

A highlight will be the “À la Une dans la Zone Agtech” panel, where some of the innovation projects under development in the Zone Agtech will be presented. Companies and growers will also be able to visit the Espace AgtechX, an experimentation area organized with the province’s horticultural associations and presented by Epsilia (part of the Noovelia group), to explore Quebec’s latest technological advances and agricultural innovations with companies such as Génik, GroundUp Data, Harnois, Pulr Technologies, Axceta, Epsilia and Hortau.

Distinguished guests included Micheline Ayoub, General Manager, Sustainability in the Digital Age & Future Earth Canada, Isabelle Dubé, CEO and COO, Ecotech Quebec, Véronic Laliberté, Senior Manager, Corporate and Commercial Financing, Farm Credit Canada, Martine Dorais, Professor and Researcher Emeritus, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Université Laval, Stéphanie Forcier, General Manager of the Association des producteurs de fraises et framboises du Québec, Jennifer Gagné, General Manager of the Association des producteurs de pommes du Québec, François Roy, Founder and COO of Axceta, Patrice Harnois, President of Les Industries Harnois, Christian Riopel, Supplier Development Manager at Sobeys and Marie-Pierre Dufresne, General Manager of Biopterre, who will contribute their expertise to the discussions.

“Innovation is a powerful ally in meeting the challenges facing the agri-food sector. This event is an opportunity to find solutions adapted to the complex realities of today’s industry. The Réseau des CCTT – Synchronex is a key partner in this quest for excellence, making available its expertise and resources to catalyze innovation and growth in this sector of activity that is vital to Quebec’s development.” – Michel Lesage, CEO, CCTT Network – Synchronex

The event will conclude with the unveiling of the winners of the Grands Prix Agtech du Québec, which aims to spotlight the personalities and companies that are significantly supporting the development of the agtech sector in Quebec, in the interests of Quebec’s sustainable food autonomy.

We invite all agricultural producers, professionals and enthusiasts in the sector to join us for this not-to-be-missed event.

For more information and to register, please visit our website at this link.



Zone Agtech would like to thank all the partners who made this event possible: MRC de L’Assomption, Synchronex, Sobeys, Axceta Technologies, Industries Harnois, Farm Credit Canada, Université Laval’s Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, GPS Climat (powered by Ecotech Quebec), IVADO – Institut de valorisation des données, ISEQ – Industrie des systèmes électroniques du Québec, Génome Québec, Bio. Enviro.In, and the Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation du Québec. Their support illustrates the collective commitment to food autonomy and agricultural transition in Quebec.

About the Zone Agtech

The Zone Agtech is a collaborative initiative set up in the MRC de L’Assomption to bring together, propel and promote Quebec’s innovative agricultural technologies. By bringing together various players in the field, the Zone Agtech works towards sustainable, profitable and resilient agriculture.

About the Réseau des CCTT

The CCTT Network is a group of 59 college centers for technology transfer and innovative social practices (CCTTs). Each CCTT possesses unique expertise enabling it to support organizations in their innovation process. Whether for technical assistance, applied research, information requests or training in the use of new processes or equipment, the 2,400 experts in the CCTT Network are able to propose solutions tailored to the client’s environment.


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